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While my novels and short stories wander into a variety of genres, I have a tendency to lurk within crime and speculative fiction.

I’ve yet to write speculative crime fiction, but it’s only a matter of time.



My crime fiction find its roots in 80s detective shows, an early interest in serial killers, and the brain candy legal thrillers that swamped fiction shelves approaching the new millennium.

Things happening in crime:

Following a 30,000-word revision, a private eye novel is seeking representation.

A short story about an Anchorage Special Victims detective is in the works.

A short story about the death of a small town doctor is searching for a periodical.

A noir short story about a femme fatale is finished and in search of publication.

Speculative fiction is somewhat a catch-all term for everything from horror to fantasy to sci-fi. It may be unfamiliar to readers and a point of contention among writers. I tend to view it as The World of What If.  And with a penchant for near-future technologies and focusing on societal and human elements rather than warp drives and artificial gravity, it feels a stretch to call my stories science fiction.

However, I’ve become more interested in science fiction after finally realizing the incredible freedom and capacity the genre holds.

While most of my stories deal with existing/plausible technology, I have a soft spot for time travel

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Short Story

The Masq


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The Humid


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Short Story

 The Acid Trip Prophecy



 The Streamer 



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