As noted in the previous post, writing a synopsis of your novel after it’s written, is a painful, miserable exercise, it is nevertheless a valuable exercise.

Squeezing 130,000 words down to a few hundred was no simple task, but I must say I’m glad to have done it. And I (humbly) think my synopsis turned out okay. I was content.

Then I pulled out my map, to see where I was heading next, and that contentment came to an end.

The first paragraph of the query letter doesn’t sound so bad. I should simply tell the agent why I’m contacting them. The third paragraph doesn’t sound too bad either. Talk a bit about myself. It’s that middle paragraph that sounds like a real bastard.

In a sentence or two, describe my book. 

Basically, squeeze that synopsis until nothing remains but 50 or so words.

I have a feeling by the time I get to the of this journey, I’ll just be writing private eye solves murder.

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