As I work on slicing and dicing 30,000 words from one novel, edit the first draft another novel, consider changing tense in my very first novel, and continue writing and submitting short stories to an ever-expanding list of periodicals, I figured why not dip my toe in the Amazon?

After all, it might be a nice change from the sea of rejections.

Using a complex calculus of variables, expressions, and operators,* I have devised a system in which to work Amazon into my submission process.

I plan to put up a few short stories and one novella over the next couple months.

Using short stories is also a good way to put pseudonym conundrum to the test.

First up is a 7,400 word speculative fiction story called The Masq.


* math terms I quickly looked up

3 thoughts on “testing the indie waters

  1. In my experience, short stories and novellas don’t do well on Amazon. Some authors make a go of it, but they’re really focused on building a brand based on shorter works, not just dipping in their toes.

    I’m not saying not to do it. Shorts are a good way to kind of learn your way around, and, if they’re related to a series, they can make good giveaways. Temper your expectations, though, and understand that the expected sales for novels should be much higher.

    • Thanks for your reply. By “dipping in my toes” I was referring to seeing how things work. I’m not looking at my shorts to be a serious source of income. If I go that route with my novels, I figure it’ll be good to have some experience/traction.

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