I left Facebook a half-decade ago, which can be a veritable eternity in tech years. However, the social networking landscape hasn’t transformed much during that time, and the blue and white website is evidently stronger than ever.

It’s earned its fair share of bad press during that time, and it may not be the choix du jour to reach a YA audience, but it’s still an important platform for writers, businesses, and various scallywags.

Therefore, I’ve established a Facebook Page. It would be great if you can check it out.

When it comes to indie publishing, every article, interview, podcast, video, and conversation imparts the same piece of advice.

Start. A. Mailing. List.


Seeing as I’m neither a fan of business nor marketing, I have been putting this off. Of course, I figured I didn’t really have anything to offer people.

However, deciding to hone my short fiction skills means that my catalogue will be expanding more than if I continued to focus solely on novels (two of which still require a hundred hours of editing).

Still, I won’t send out a lot of emails. I’ve subscribed to many email lists, and I’ve unsubscribed from even more. (Wait, that doesn’t make sense.) The point is, I know how annoying they can be when done wrong, and I don’t want to bother anyone.

As things currently stand, I plan to only send an email when:

  1. A new story/book comes out
  2. There are Advance Reader Copies available
  3. I have a free book promotion

If you would like to join Russell Cordner Readers, please use this form to register.

In a follow up to yesterday’s post about using Prolific Works to give away free Advance Reader Copies (ARC), I am also trying out some other avenues.

There are 20 copies available on Booksprout, and you can grab one here.

The Humid

Jack just wants to raise his children in a safe environment, while being able to afford to give them a comfortable life. With the promise of low crime, safe streets, and a hefty pay increase, he accepts a job in Tokyo and they leave Chicago behind. 

He’s read about the uncomfortable summers in the sprawling city, but they’re no strangers to the heat. Lake Michigan dishes out its fair share of humidity.

Shortly after their arrival, the first day of summer is a record-breaker, and the temperature continues to climb. When the power grid collapses, Jack’s family is trapped in the sweltering foreign metropolis, and escape seems all but impossible.

(WARNING: this story contains strong language and graphic situations that may not be suitable for all readers.)

My novella The Humid will be going live on Amazon next month. On Sunday, April 14, to be precise.

If you would like to receive a free Advance Reader Copy, you can download it through Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie). There are ePub, mobi, and PDF versions available.

The link is: https://claims.prolificworks.com/free/5gvGpw6o.

To receive invitations to future ARC’s and updates of new releases, please join my newly created readers list.



My wrists and eyes are burning as I wrap up this final-ish edit of my novella The Humid, so I took a short break to see how my short story, The Masq, is doing on Amazon.

Not great. Not even good, actually.

But I’m neither surprised nor disappointed. It’s a short story, and the only written work by an unknown author, on a website with nearly fifty million books.

I clicked my way over to Goodreads, just to see if there had been any activity there. Two people gave it a rating, four stars and five stars. That made me grin.

But what made me smile was the review that one of them left.

Short, interesting and beautifully written.
This was much more than short story.

This was much more than a review. It made the pain in my arms secondary, and galvanized me to get this edit finished. Thank you, random guy who read my book.

There are only two periodicals where I plan to submit my novella, so perhaps The Humid will be available on Amazon fairly soon.