Born in Toronto, I’ve lived across Canada and throughout Japan. 

My pub during university was named for Oscar Peterson, and they played non-stop jazz and nothing else. It sounded like one long song to me at the time. Nowadays, jazz probably accounts for around eighty percent of my listening. But it’s not all I listen to, for I love all types of music. My soundtrack for a single day is just as likely to include C├ęcile McLorin Salvant, Bill Evans, and Coltrane, as it is SNFU, Agnes Obel, and Crown City Rockers.

What’s any of that got to do with writing?


Just as with music, when it comes to literary genres, I like them all a lot of them. It’s why I write in them. 

Most of the advice I’ve heard or received has been to write different genres using pen names, but I think that’s an outmoded approach. I think readers can look at book covers and read descriptions, and be able to discern the difference between romance, horror, and self-help.

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