Book Cover: The Streamer

Zero followers. But that’s about to change.

Any idiot with a webcam can be famous, but Foster Reywood isn’t looking for merely fame. He’s setting his sights on stardom. And after two years of cup ramen five days a week, he’s becoming a full-time streamer.

But jumping into the deep end is a risky leap of faith, and when it looks like he might hit rock bottom, a mysterious stranger offers him a way to the top.

If you’re a fan of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, you’ll enjoy this cautionary tale for the YouTube Age.

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Cracking open his first Sabertooth Energy Fuel, Foster Reywood’s jaw stretched with a yawn, mimicking the beast on the can. He’d made it twelve hours without caffeine, but there was no way he could last another twelve. It was time to switch gears.

“I’d like to thank Sabertooth for all their support,” Foster said into his mic, picturing a day when the energy drink might actually be a sponsor.

But before that happened, he had to get followers. And Reywood’s 24-hour Super Stream was his promotional brainchild to kick off the new channel.

After two years of scrimping and saving at every turn, working doubles and eating cup ramen five days a week, he was finally doing it. He was fulfilling his dream of becoming a full-time streamer.


New computer, new cameras, new headset, new chair, and enough cash in the bank for two month’s rent. He turned his desk, so it was facing away from the wall, hanging his favorite posters and moving the bookcase with all his figurines into the shot behind him. A good backdrop was an important component to creating professional content. After creating the perfect studio, the final piece of the plan was put in place yesterday.

Quitting his job.


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